【Composer & Singer】40th Anniv. theme song ‘Living in Color’!


Who created and who sings the Tokyo Disneyland 40th anniversary theme song ‘Living in Color’???

Introducing the lyricist, composer, and singer of the 40th anniversary theme song ‘Living in Color’!


Composer & Singer

The lyrics and music were created by two singer-songwriters.

Chantry Johnson

A musician who was active in the rock band The Cab. It seems that the group activities are currently on hold, and he seems to be active as a songwriter!

He’s young at 33, but he’s a talented individual with experience as a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist!

Disney-related career:
● Insert song for ‘High School Musical: The Musical’ Insert Song
● ‘Little Nightmares’ Nightmare Before Christmas piano cover collection (2020)
● 30th anniversary theme song for Disneyland Paris, ‘Un monde qui s’illumine’ (2022)
● ‘My Happy Place’, the theme song for Disney Toontown (2023)
● ‘Where We Belong (Welcome Home)’, the theme song for Disney Vacation Club (2023)

He has the achievement of handling the theme song for Disneyland Paris, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in March 2022!

This is his first time participating in the music for Tokyo Disney Resort, but he has a track record of working with Disney on many occasions in the past!

Dewain Whitmore Jr.

He’s also a popular songwriter!

He’s a two-time winner of the Grammy Awards, the most prestigious music award in the United States. His works have sold over 12 million copies in total, showing his proven track record!

The main genres of his music are R&B (Rhythm and Blues) and Pop Vocal.

Disney-related career:
● Song ‘More of Me’ from Rapunzel: The Series
● 35th anniversary Theme song for Tokyo Disneyland’s ‘Dreaming Up!’ (2018)

He was in charge of the insert song ‘More of Me’ for the original series anime Rapunzel, which was broadcast on the Disney Channel from 2017 to 2020.

Furthermore, he has the achievement of handling the theme song for Tokyo Disneyland’s daytime parade ‘Dreaming Up!’, which was performed from April 15, 2018, to April 9, 2023.

In the latest work ‘Living in Color’, he not only co-wrote the song with Chantry Johnson but also took on the solo vocals!

He’s a genius brimming with talent, possessing not only songwriting skills but also singing ability!

Thoughts on the ‘Harmony in Color’ song arrangement

In the 40th anniversary parade ‘Harmony in Color’, in addition to the main theme song ‘Living in Color’, songs incorporating various movie tunes are used, enveloped in a glamorous harmony.

Snow White, Pinocchio, Zootopia, Up, Pocahontas, Remember Me – despite the ‘genre, melody tempo, and’ of the songs being different, they naturally match the harmony of ‘Living in Color’.

Whether each movie’s song is made uptempo, or arranged in a pop or jazz style, it sounds pleasant. I thought this must be due to the outstanding quality of the original movie songs! I’m grateful for the wonderful arrangement that conveys the goodness of the original work and the good vibes of the parade!


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